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screw it ALL!

2012-01-07 11:08:33 by link2000

I cant get a moment to animate so fu*k IT ALL!!!! and I will just post when ready.


2011-09-10 23:28:51 by link2000

yes I know I know its been about 2 months since I've even logged on so I apologize.sorry now I have a lot of Ideas on what to do for my animations,and almost no time to make them so I am sorry to say I need **** LOADS of time before I can post anything...again I apologize...oh and the pic is from the original what if, before it got corrupt...TT_TT


hey,for those who pass me by listen up!

2011-08-11 19:19:11 by link2000

I must inform you ALL that I am going to start posting flash movies, and need to let newgrounds music makers know I take ABSOLUTELY NO CREDIT WHAT SO EVER! IF I DO USE YOUR MUSIC AND NOT LET YOU KNOW I am sorry BUT I am EXTREAMLY forgetful,so I will do my best to let you know but if I don't and you don't want me to use it let me know and I will TRY to delete it(I have no clue how to
take things off of newgrounds,on the account of me having never posted...) ANYWAYS for those who want to know what I'm posting a series (if its any good that is) that is like deadliest warrior with entire army's and with nerd stuff instead of life(whats a life?) my first one is already in progress its war-hammer 40k's imperiam of man (space marines) versus the UNSC (halo spartan/marines)oh and I own none of the characters or franchises that I will use the owners will be posted when I use their franchises or characters